Author: 17hand

  • Sex education: how to lick a pussy

    New chapter on my educational series on how to satisfy a girl and provoke her an orgasm! In this 8-minutes video by xvix, you can see a vagina being licked… The guy is very able in doing that, and the girl really gets an orgasm and starts shaking at around minute 7. Watch and learn, […]

  • How to make a G spot masturbation – a video every man should watch

    I discovered this video and I think every man should watch it! I find it extremely educational if you want to make every girl happy and eager to meet you again 😏 It explains also in detail which muscles to use when you masturbate the girl, to don’t get fatigued. I’ll try it with my […]

  • Hello 17hand!

    This is my blog. Here you will discover what comes to my mind. Why 17hand? I was looking at my hand and saying… wow. She made a lot of efforts lately. She saw things that you can not even imagine… These things need to be shared to the world.